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CSO EyeTop2005 LITE - To study the corneal curvature in eyes.

SL 990 Elite - A Haagstreit Slit Lamp model with Digital Imaging System.

IOL Master 500 - Provides Non-Contact Automatic intra ocular lens calculation in all types of eyes.
Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer - An Automated Diagnostic system for Glaucoma management.
Pascal Tonometer - Digital Contour Tonometer for measurement of the intra ocular pressure.

Goldmann Applanation Tonometer - Slit lamp mounted Instrument used to measure the intra ocular pressure of the eye.

HRT3 - Imaging of the Anterior and Posterior Segment of the eye.

ellex Eyecubed - Premier Diagnostic Ultrasound that delivers unparalleled image resolution in Bscan, UBM and Ascan.

Spectralis - The Multi-Modality Diagnostic Imaging from Heidelberg Engineering (Germany) for FFA/ICG, IR, AF and OCT helps patient management in eye care.

Variant vision charts - To test the quantity and quality of vision through new ETDRS charts, contrast sensitivity chart, color vision chart.
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Moller Hi-R 900 - Surgical operating Microscope with eiboss (wide-angle) system.

Oertli - Ophthalmic small incision surgery system for both Phacoemulsification and Vitreo- retinal surgery.
VEGA - For C3R, used for treatment of Keratoconus.
Ellex Solitaire - Full Featured portable Green Laser system.
Ellex Super Q - Premier Anterior Segment Laser system.
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