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Moller Hi-R 900

It is the universal microscope for all ophthalmic surgical procedures. The exceptionally large stereo base provides maximal depth perception, and the clear zoom illumination with filters delivers bright and safe light.

  • 25 mm stereo base for enhanced 3D vision
  • Apochromatic optics
  • Adjustable red reflex enhancer
  • Motorized zoom and focus
  • Motorized X-Y coupling
  • Fine tilt adjustment
  • Inclinable eyepiece head 200° with wide-angle oculars 10x 21B.
  • 200 mm front lens (optional 175 mm)

Oertli OS3

The OS3 is indisputably the world's leading combined system for cataract and vitrectomy surgery. No other combined system is so technically advanced, proven and at the cutting-edge of technology. It makes possible the most up-to-date surgical techniques in Cataract and Vitreo-retinal surgery:

  • easyPhaco®CO-MICS sub2mm coaxial MICS with the efficiency of the existing 2.8mm phaco.
  • easyPhaco®2.2mm for 2.2 - 2.4mm incision, repulsion-free with unique chamber stability and magnetic force of attraction.
  • easyPhaco®2.8mm for perfect emulsification of the hardest nuclei, without clogging.
  • RF Capsulotomy for difficult cases and juvenile cataracts.
  • STT Glaucoma surgery with RF diathermia.
  • Autoseal PMS® system for 23G and 25G trans conjunctival pars plana vitrectomy.
  • Twinac® high-speed vitrectome with operational sphere of 50 cuts per second.
  • GoodLight® brilliant visibility in the posterior segment without any toxic risks for surgeon or patient.
  • TwinVac® peristaltic/venturi dual pump system switchable within seconds.
  • DirectAccess® single-level operating without menu steps.
  • Dual Linear Pedal with programmable doctor's commands.
  • Interactive Remote Control for completely sterile control.
  • Paraprog® individualization for each doctor.


The CSO VEGA equipment is a single-LED UV light emitter, developed in collaboration with important Italian clinical research centers, working on keratoconus treatments using collagen cross-linking therapy.

It has following Features:
  • Timer and monitor for real-time displaying of procedure steps
    The complete procedure has been programmed within the control unit, and each step is software-controlled and shown on the monitor. The doctor should simply follow the displayed instructions and start each single step.

  • Fixation point-
    A fixation point is integrated in the head of the instrument, for a more comfortable position for the patient during all the treatment.

  • Integrated camera for the best real-time cornea focusing and alignment
    A camera is integrated in the optical head of the VEGA. The camera is useful for real-time checking the focusing of the UV-source for real-time checking the alignment of the source with the cornea for real-time checking of the best treatment conditions.

  • Better radiation uniformity due to an innovative optical system
    In respect to previous models, and in respect to competitors models, the UV radiation is provided by a single LED source. The single LED source provides excellent radiation uniformity on the entire treatment surface, respecting the power density value needed for the "cross-linking" procedure.

  • Adjustable aperture pinhole
    The optical head has a variable pinhole to provide a continuously adjustable radiation diameter from 4 mm to 11 mm.

  • Footswitche
    The VEGA equipment is controlled by the doctor by using only a footswitch. This allows for hands-free control.

Ellex Solitaire

The ellex Solitaire is a full featured, solid-state green laser system that is portable and versatile for use in both clinics & operating rooms. The Solitaire incorporates a true continuous wave laser beam and real time energy control that ensures consistent energy is delivered throughout the selected exposure time.

  • Superior Energy Distribution-It delivers even energy across the full diameter of the spot from the beginning to the end of exposure without creating hot spots.
  • TrueSpotTM – It offers uniform, sharp-edged top-hat beam on the retina, providing the benefits of a parfocal system with the added comfort of low power density at the cornea.
  • Switch while staying connected-Optional dual fiber ports allow the operator to easily switch between two delivery systems without disconnecting and connecting fibers to the laser console.
  • Easy Recall and Fast Setup-It allows presetting and storing of 3 different set of parameters which are quickly and easily accessed from front panel of the system.

Ellex Super Q

The Ellex Super Q YAG laser provides precise and reliable treatments for anterior eye diseases.

The Super Q meets the challenges in posterior capsulotomy procedures through refined YAG laser technology that provides more consistent optical breakdown at lower energy. The result is lower risk of lens pitting, more efficient tissue cutting with fewer shots, less cumulative energy delivered and faster procedures.