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Value Proposition

As a doctor, your primary focus is on the patient’s health. Yet being a doctor today involves more than just healthcare. Administrative demands, workload pressures & competition, and operating within a limited work environment can eat away into your time and focus. At EYERIS Medical Center, the ophthalmologist is empowered to focus on their expertise and excel in their career through better work environment and compelling economics, leading to an improved lifestyle.


EYERIS offers a full complement of facilities and services:

Each Center is a unique partnership between doctors and EYERIS. EYERIS provides the required infrastructure and support services for the doctors to utilize.


We have a business model that takes into account your extensive requirements. We offer state of the art facilities for a comfortable working environment and remove the administrative headaches (with the help of support staff, business development, facilities amongst other things). Most importantly, we provide you with a better work-life balance.


EYERIS’s experienced management team has already built the processes, plans and structures in place to make it easy for you to sign-up with us. We are sure this will result in enhanced productivity.


EYERIS’s planned pan-India footprint and strong brand will offer consistent expectations and easy to manage relationships.


Let us get in touch with you and we will help you understand why this could really change the way you look after your patients, and yourself.


EYERIS Facility

All EYERIS Medical Centers have world-class facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. A typical center would include:
  • Operating Theatres: Our Center has an operating room with state-of-the-art equipment, from global leaders like Möller-Wedel (Germany) and Oertli (Switzerland) and modern facilities with ETO and Flash autoclave. At EYERIS's we strive to adopt the latest techniques and advances in surgery.
  • Doctor's Offices: We provide consultation for post op and diagnostics which may be availed by the doctor.
  • Specialties: Our Centers are dedicated, specialized only to provide facilities and infrastructure to perform Ophthalmology procedures.
  • Diagnostic Equipment: Each EYERIS Medical Center is equipped with the latest diagnostic, imaging and surgical machines

Disclaimer: This is the description of a typical center. Due to various factors, some centers may not have all the facilities listed here.