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Surgical Care

The EYERIS Medical Center is a fully equipped medical facility located conveniently in your neighbourhood. It brings cutting edge surgical technology, from global leaders like Möller-Wedel (Germany) and Oertli (Switzerland), to Ophthalmologists under one roof to give patients easy access to quality and affordable healthcare. Treatment is delivered in an outpatient setting, which helps increase efficiency and contains costs, making this a healthcare delivery model without parallel.


Operation Theatres

A state-of-the-art operation theatre is the hallmark of every EYERIS Medical Center. The Vile Parle Center has 1 operation theatre with area for pre-op and post-op care located alongside. Surgeries are scheduled for as early as 9.00 am to enable discharge on the same day.


Pre-op Care

At EYERIS, we will provide an option for pre-op surgical fitness check, supervised by a physicians and nurses, carried out to ensure the highest standards of patient care.



At the heart of every EYERIS Medical Center are cutting edge equipment, for investigations and diagnostics, from global leaders like Heidelberg, Ellex and Zeiss.



At the EYERIS Medical Center we provide the latest equipments for dispensing therapy - YAG, Green Lasers, C3R for Keratoconus.