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What is Eyeris Medical Center?

EYERIS medical center is an open access ophthalmology center for research, imaging and surgery for all ophthalmologists.

What type of facilities is available at the center?

State-of-art and modern facilities are available, which can be used for performing simple to complex ophthalmic surgeries and for dispensing laser therapy. Here, at EYERIS, an ophthalmologist can refer patients for all kinds of diagnostic tests, which includes imaging, as well as a convenient platform for research armed with information, knowledge and technology.

What are the timings of the Center?

The center works from 9.00 AM - 7.00 PM.

What is the process for taking an appointment for the diagnostic tests?

You (Patient or Doctor) can contact us on phone or book an appointment through our website.

What is the process for taking an appointment for the Operation Theatre?

The Doctor can book the Operation Theatre through phone or through our website. Reservations must be made at least 2 days in advance to avoid any inconvenience to you and/or your patient. Emergency cases can be treated as an exception to this policy subject to booking done 6-8 hours prior to the need.

Is it mandatory to take appointment? When is the last appointment of the day given?

It would be recommended to take prior appointment so that the waiting time at the Center can be avoided or minimized. The last appointment will be scheduled for 7.00 PM.

Is it necessary that the doctors have to fix the appointment for diagnostic tests?

No, it is not necessary for the Doctor to fix the appointment for diagnostic tests. Patients can also take their own appointment with the mention of the referral doctors name.

Does the patient need to carry his old records or reports when he comes to the center?

Yes, the patient must bring his old records or reports, as it will be a reference point in doing the tests.

Who does the test?

We have a team of well-qualified Optometrists who will be performing the tests.

Can the Doctor himself do the test at the center?

Yes, the doctor can perform certain tests on his or her patient with technical support from the EYERIS staff.

How does the doctor get the report of his patient?

EYERIS would provide a hard copy of the reports to the patient and upload a soft copy of the same on our website, for secure access by the referring Doctor.

What kind of assistance will be provided for the Operation Theatre?

Complete assistance will be provided which includes patient preparation for the surgery, Anesthetist support, OT assistant, all the necessary instruments and medicines required for the surgery. The patient can take rest in the recovery room after the surgery is over.

What are the modes of payment?

Payment can be made through cash or by credit / debit card.