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EYERIS Medical Centers herald the arrival of a new dimension in Technical Support and Services for Ophthalmologists in India. A pioneering initiative by Toshbro Medicals, it is the first of its kind in India, with an expansive array of services for imaging, surgery and research.


The EYERIS Medical Center is a fully equipped Ophthalmology facility located conveniently in your neighbourhood. It brings cutting edge diagnostic and therapeutic technology under one roof to give doctors and patients easy access to quality, affordable healthcare.


An Ophthalmologist can refer patients to the EYERIS Medical Center, for investigations, use the facilities themselves for performing select investigations and also for dispensing laser therapy and surgical treatment as well as have access to a convenient platform for research armed with information, knowledge and technology. This model, profits practices, wherein an individual doctor’s load of patients may not justify investment in high-end equipment.


Built on a foundation of neutrality, the EYERIS chain of centers would continuously endeavour to bring closer to you access to modern technology; imaging equipment for all ophthalmology related diagnostics as well as a fully equipped surgical facility to perform basic and complicated eye surgeries for Anterior and Posterior segment surgeons. What more…it allows you to perform the surgeries yourself! And further, EYERIS presents a unique setup for research - CME, Academic Evaluations, Clinical Trials and more.


EYERIS well addresses challenges and concerns. It provides access to the latest, the most advanced imaging equipments, to overcome challenges that Ophthalmologists have keeping pace with new technology as it becomes available.


Treatment is delivered in an outpatient setting, which helps increase efficiency and contains costs, making this a healthcare delivery model without parallel.


Core Values

  • Maintain the highest level of integrity, transparency and ethics.
  • Ensure efficiency that delivers better patient experience at a lower cost.
  • Establish growth driven partnerships with Ophthalmologists.
  • Provide Ophthalmologists and their patients easy access to modern facilities.
  • Be flexible without losing focus.


Equipped with the latest in technology and manned by experienced operators,
EYERIS brings quality in care, accuracy in results and transparency in operations.